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This website is about real time connections. In our super-wired world, electronic gadgets have changed friends and family interaction.  Wireless Internet have made it painless for everyone of us to get hooked up anytime, anywhere here in Singapore and even anywhere around the globe.  

 Mobile phones and other gadgets like iPad, notebooks and  laptops also provide access to games and social platform such Facebook and Twitter. Make technology work for you instead. Sign up for these applications and let them know that “You should have been here too” 

So “Get Connected” between you and your family members, friends and colleagues as well as making new ones using smartphones.


How did it get started?

I love going places since my first travel experience in my dad’s first Mini Morris in 1962 when I was only 6 months old. My Pa and Ma, are season travellers to Johor, KL and Penang. All loaded and let’s go!!

It is no wonder that since then I keep on discovering and exploring new places. In 2001 I went to Shanghai for the first time and continued to explore the rest of China, Thailand, Indonesia, Finland, UK and India. I bought my first digital camera and photography has never been the same.

Now with so many applications available , I wish to share my travelling experiences with my friends and the rest of the world. This website you see here is completely done by me and I will continue to bring you “the experience” by learning the ropes.


Durian, King of Fruits

Since 28 May 2011, I have been organizing Durian “Eat all you can” buffet tours to Mount Ophir, Tangkak, Malaysia.

Durian – the King of Fruits! Our eating experience wouldn’t be complete if we cannot taste the famous of them all – the durian fruit. Every durian trip is different. 

On 23th July2011, I used the application, picplz to  upload various photographs from Singapore to Mount Ophir.  Instantly it was uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare.


Join the community. I can guarantee you there’ll be lots of fun activities.


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